What We Do


Having extensive experience in managing many aspects of business growth we can assist with the following areas:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Growth Planning and execution
  • Post M & A talent challenges
  • Geographical Expansion
  • Market Entry
  • HR requirements in new territories


Our experience and subject matter expertise in the industries we work in allow us to be better at:

  • Sourcing (we know real people , we don’t just put ads on LinkedIn)
  • Vetting (skills, attitude, aptitude, BG checks)
  • Matching (culture, personality)

Ask us about our “Always On” Methodology


We like to work with clients, hiring managers and candidates alike:

  • Mentoring
  • Purpose Definition
  • Burnout prevention

Industries : Media , Ad-Tech, Mar-Tech, Fin-Tech.

Competencies : Exec, Commercial, Data, Ops.

Our Values:

Competence: ·

We help our clients to attract, retain, train and grow the most competent workforces in their industry. · Clients and candidates alike recognise us for our competence.

Confidence: ·

Competence gives you confidence. · Confidence in our process, confidence in our clients and candidates. · Confidence in the future.

Courage: ·

We should communicate with courage, to our candidates and our clients. · Have the courage to: – challenge convictions. – have difficult conversations. – to say “No” if necessary.

Connect: ·

This is what we do. · We bring together great companies and exceptional talent. · We practice what we preach. · We Connect with our candidates and clients.

Courtesy: ·

Even in the world of AI, we are all humans, therefore we must be courteous in all our dealings, with everyone, always…