There is nothing more uncommon than common sense.

With that in mind, we help our clients in Media, Marketing and related technology with their growth challenges.

This is often about people but not always.

We provide strategic advice and hands-on pragmatic support in execution.

We are industry veterans and scale-up experts. 

Industries: Media, Marketing , Advertising , Ad-Tech, Mar-Tech.

Meet the team

Eric Snelleman – Managing Partner

Experienced digital media, content and investment specialist with two decades of media agency experience both domestically and internationally. Covering digital media trading and investment operations across the APAC region, including China. This includes business development for leading companies in the content production and media investment industry.

Managing Partner with a firm belief that in the end it’s all about people: “I see teamwork as one of the most important components of success”.  Excels at searching for senior talent due to his profound domain expertise.

Kees de Jong – Managing Partner

Based in Australia.

All-round experienced business builder in tech and service based environments. Knowledgeable in contemporary technology industries and strong affinity with digital marketing and media trading. Active participator in the field of operations, business planning, finance and IT. Once home based in Australia. Experience gained in EU and APAC.

Well-travelled, culturally aware and sensitive. Managing Partner who knows how to ‘make things happen’ and find value propositions that will benefit all parties involved.

Richard Resida – Senior Consultant

Highly experienced recruiter in media and advertising with a background in digital media, TV, radio, television, production and print. Has an extensive network of media professionals active in the field of sales, marketing and advertising. Both in technical and non-technical roles.

As a Senior Consultant at Uncommon People an equally leveled professional. Thanks to his eye for detail, has the capacity to quickly understand someone’s potential. An absolute pacesetter with a working method that is characterized by a refined and friendly approach.

With her vast experience within media agencies and an extensive skillset Rachel is able to effectively and meaningfully engage with clients and candidates alike. Rachel is knowledgeable in digital strategy, display advertising, online video, social media, performance based marketing, influencer marketing/advertising, relationship management, digital buying and coaching.

Rachel is our Senior Consultant and certified coach, with a passion for people, transformation, diversity and inclusion. She aims to get the best out of people and to help them find their path.

Anne Campbell – Country Manager UK

Over 10 years senior level experience with ad tech companies, in the role of head of HR. Managed every type of human resource issue, including mergers and acquisition. Skilled in the international and European working field. Home based in the United Kingdom, can draw from an extensive network of UK media professionals.

Country Manager at Uncommon People. Trouble shooter and people person by nature. Always taking the commercial and ‘hands-on‘ approach in applying her experience.

Mujtaba Alemi – Junior Data Scientist

Promising student in data science, digital business and innovation. Bridges the gap between organizations and technological developments. Bringing his skills to further strengthen our capabilities in data-driven searching practices.

His working method can be characterized as thorough and focused. As a Junior Data Scientist at Uncommon People he knows how to team up with the consultants in finding the right candidates.

Christopher Cowan – Operations Manager

More than 20 years experience in Digital Advertising Operations and Technical Account Management roles. Has worked for a variety of digital publishers and ad-tech vendors across that time.

Is also passionate about creative and professional writing, which extends into editing and proofreading.

Responsible for finding the right candidates for our clients, and producing content for our digital properties and social presence.

What We Do


Having extensive experience in managing many aspects of business growth we can assist with the following areas:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Growth Planning and execution
  • Post M & A talent challenges
  • Geographical Expansion
  • Market Entry
  • HR requirements in new territories


Our experience and subject matter expertise in the industries we work in allow us to be better at:

  • Sourcing (we know real people , we don’t just put ads on LinkedIn)
  • Vetting (skills, attitude, aptitude, BG checks)
  • Matching (culture, personality)

Ask us about our “Always On” Methodology


We like to work with clients, hiring managers and candidates alike:

  • Mentoring
  • Purpose Definition
  • Burnout prevention

Industries : Media , Ad-Tech, Mar-Tech, Fin-Tech.

Competencies : Exec, Commercial, Data, Ops.

Our Values:

Competence: ·

We help our clients to attract, retain, train and grow the most competent workforces in their industry. · Clients and candidates alike recognise us for our competence.

Confidence: ·

Competence gives you confidence. · Confidence in our process, confidence in our clients and candidates. · Confidence in the future.

Courage: ·

We should communicate with courage, to our candidates and our clients. · Have the courage to: – challenge convictions. – have difficult conversations. – to say “No” if necessary.

Connect: ·

This is what we do. · We bring together great companies and exceptional talent. · We practice what we preach. · We Connect with our candidates and clients.

Courtesy: ·

Even in the world of AI, we are all humans, therefore we must be courteous in all our dealings, with everyone, always…